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Hot-Swappable Mouse Switches

Hot-Swappable Mouse Switches

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Select the switch that fits your needs and your playstyle!

Our Atlas Custom v1 wireless gaming mouse is so advanced, you can swap the switches to match your exact desired click experience and playstyle.  Explore the switch characteristics below to pick your perfect match.

Kailh GM 4.0 Reds

Red housing, silver plated, medium-heavy switches.

These Kailh switches are one of the most popular varieties on the market - and for a good reason. They're fairly heavy, but extremely responsive and consistent. On the spectrum of switches, these fall somewhere between Omron and Huano in terms of required force for clicking.


Kailh 2.0 Blacks

Black housing, gold plated, medium-heavy switches.

Not quite as commonly seen as the Kailh GM 4.0, these switches are another premium offering from Kailh. The biggest upside to the Kailh 2.0 is how quiet the clicks are. Many people actually prefer these to the Kailh 4.0 as the actuation more closely mimics an Omron, rather than an entirely different type of switch.

These switches are gold plated, opposed to the silver plating on the GM 4.0s. Both switches are rated for tens of millions of clicks, so you shouldn't have any lifespan issues with any of the Kailh switches.


Omron D2FC-F-7N (OMRON 20s)

The most common mouse switches.

These switches are the most commonly found switch in gaming mice. These switches do not come with any contact plating, and are relatively light switches compared to the others. Some user's prefer this profile as it has a "stock" feel. They are very quiet and require relatively little force to actuate. Gamers with a tendency to mash the mouse (as would be common in FPS games) may find difficulty while trying to click too quickly.


Huano 20M

Pre-Installed option for EMPYRE Atlas Custom V1.

Huano is one of the original mouse switch manufacturers. They are generally known for having some of the heavier switches on the market. Huano switches come pre-installed on the Atlas Custom V1. This is a great, well-rounded switch. It is not overly quiet, but the force required to actuate helps to prevent accidental misclicks.

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Total Customization -Interchangeable Shells.

Customize Your Clicks - Swappable L/R switches.

True RGB Spectrum - 16.8 Million Colors.

Lightweight Weaponry - 69 grams.

War-Like Endurance - Up to 28 Hour Battery Life.


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