We are excited to introduce ourselves.  We are EMPYRE, a brand new gaming peripheral company.  Our goal is to create the absolute best products on the market that allow you to dominate any game you play while expressing your own personality.  EMPYRE vows to produce high quality, customizable products at reasonable prices.

When we look around the gaming hardware industry, all we see is cookie cutter products sold by large, multi-national companies.  These products are "safe" and uninspired.  We want to allow gamers to express themselves via customization.  We believe you should have the power to customize your aesthetic, customize your performance, and thus customize your overall experience.

Our flagship product, the Atlas Custom v1 wireless gaming mouse is the perfect example of our company's ethos.  It's insanely powerful, lightweight, and ridiculously customizable.  We have designed the Atlas Custom v1 to allow for easy swapping between honeycomb and non-honeycomb shells, the changing of your mouse color, and even allow for hot swapping switches for a custom click experience based on preference and the game you are playing.

We thank you for taking the time to read this article and we are excited to bring you along on this adventure with us.  We welcome you to join our Discord to stay connected with EMPYRE and the project and receive behind the scenes news and updates.  Now it's time to #BuildYourEMPYRE


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